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Joined today-HELLO ALL

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Angela is my name. Call me Ang.
Virgin Newbie (lol)
Mother of nine (hense lol)
I classify myself as an antique, grandkids say I'm old, haha.
I am totaly into figuring this computer stuff out.
Am homebound mostly, on oxygen.
Looking to keep myself busy with learning to use puter for work.
Am seriously interested in starting a support group for similar peeps.
Very quick learner and I always ask questions, you r never too old.
Love my Family, Life, Nature, Animals, Living
Likes: Most all music, To Kill A Mockingbird, Everyday old fashioned home cooking.
Dislike: arrogance, loudmouths, bullies, and rap.
I am hoping to learn alot from everyone here, and if anyone has a question about old days or kids-maybe I can help out, haha.
I love a good sense of humor too!

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Team Colleague

Welcome to the forums and good on you for ignoring the "too old to start" rubbish :)

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Hello Ang, nice to meet you :D

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