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5mpbs w/ 15gb monthly limit (internet connection)

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Hi guys, another internet connection question. What do you think about a 5mbps connection but with 15gb monthly limit?

I am currently using 2mbps broadband connection and as far as I know, no monthly usage limit. These two has same monthly bill price of 999.00 PHP. Although 2mbps is good enough here, I just want to try it out but first asking about your opinions.

What I usually use:
-Facebook (always online when using laptop)
-mostly Online Gaming
-browsing websites
-a little youtube
-occasional movie and music downloads (I think this one would be easy to monitor according to file size. Right?)

So do you think a 15gb monthly limit would be enough or not?
If in case there is a TWO of me, would it still be enough?

Thanks. Waiting for your response.

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If you're gaming online I'd suggest you get as usage limit as possible, it might be easy to reach your limit, especially if there are a few people using the same connection.

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