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Cloud Labour: The New IT Career

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Hello friends,

"The trend that will most dramatically impact the shape & deployment of the IT workforce is cloud labour."

Interesting Article: http://www.computerworlduk.com/in-depth/careers/3236976/the-shape-of-the-it-workforce-in-2020/

What is your take on this? Does Cloud Labour have the potential to become the new workforce?


Ramy Stuart

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I dunno. I think when we're talking "IT", no, I don't think that cloud labor will make a difference. However, for other work, like proofreading, QC, or medical record coding, I think it makes perfect sense. Rather than bring on a full-time staff, just outsource the work.

It's not perfectly ideal for most IT projects, but in many other fields, I think it'd be great-- IT would just enable such a move.

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