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Data vs Human Resource

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Within an organization, which is most important factor:

Data or Human Resource?

Please give a brief explanation


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I think the question would be stronger if you defined it better. Data? What data? At its most basic level yes data is important but only when used by skilled people. Data left sitting on a hard drive is useless, as is data that is used incorrectly.
Human resources, along with any other department, need the correct data to function. Without it they are worthless.
Your question can be considered similar to: which is more important in a car - petrol or engine? One without the other is useless.

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who needs human resources without those humans having something to do, which requires data?
what's human resources going to do without data to act on?
who's going to gather and process data without human resources to handle hiring etc.?

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Theres no point in having data if there is no one to use that data in the same way (as already stated) that there is no point in having human resources if there is no data to be processed . . .

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I think both are important.

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They go side by side. Data has to be prepared by someone and for someone which brings the need for human resource.

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