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Jaguar's just too quiet!


This may sound silly to all you mac people, but I come from a Windows world where I use customized sound schemes for everything. And I mean EVERYTHING! Little "bleeps" and "bloops" play whenever I resize, minimize, or maximize windows, click on anything in explorer, click the Start Menu, etc etc and, well, you get the idea.

Well, in any case, I've got Jaguar installed on my Mac, and for a carnivorous feline, it's just way toooooo quiet for my taste. Is there a way to set up something like a windows sound scheme, to have .wav files or something play upon operating system (GUI) events?

I checked the System Preferences but the only thing I've found under Sounds is to customize the one alert sound.


Not in OSX. There are applications you can install to carry over OS9 sounds (which were customizable) and to create individual sound schemes - but nothing native in OSX itself - not sure why....seems rather basic.
But I can only speak for OSX.2.5 - I have not installed .6 yet.


I couldn't find anything of this sort in 10.2.6 either, although I'm not using it now. If you check out my keyboard post you'll see why. Guess I'll do a search for such 3rd party applications. I can't stand the quiet!


btw, I forgot to say thanks! :)


De nada.

Saw the keyboard post too. I was actually sitting here trying to figure it out. I have a custom keyboard on my imac as well. I installed the software but only have partial use of the multimedia keys - the others are not supported on the mac platform.
As much as I have always been a fan and supporter of Apple....I wish they were a little more mainstream.
All the cool stuff is on PC.

Custom drivers are often rendered useless during OSX updates....no way around it.
This is where XP has one up on Mac.



Some sound apps can be found on Apples download page - but often Cnet has more


Thanks. I was thinking of checking download.com as my first source anyways. :)


Way to think a like. Brilliant minds....?


Well, I installed Xounds and I love it! For anyone who's curious, it's by http://www.unsanity.com/ and is even available as part of the Aladdin Systems Ten for X utilities pack. There are even a whole lotta downloadable sound themes available at http://www.soundsetcentral.com

Now the only thing that I'm not happy with is that I miss the lil "click" noise I am used to with each Internet Explorer link in Windows Explorer. Too bad I'm using Safari here ;)

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