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how to copy text from linux to Unix

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Hey guys,

I'm new in Linux/Unix and just whant to figure out one simple thing:
So lets say I wrote my c program in vi in Linux, and whant it to be on the unix server.
When I'm trying to just copy and paste text from vi. It apperas in unix with tons of tabs spaces and stuff like that, so it is really hard to read.
So I would like to know how to copy text from my vi in linux and then paste it in exact the same format in Unix.

Sorry I accidentally create two posts and don't know how to delete one of them. does anyone also know this?

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Three!!! - 2 here, one in scripting.

I deleted them. Please dont cross post.

More details please. What is the file, what distros, how are you copy and pasting into where?

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If you are pasting into vi, you might try running ":set paste" in vi before hitting insert and pasting.

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