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Ubuntu-desktop update

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i have tried to update my ubuntu server using this command sudo apt-get update.I got this problem
(i) failed to fetch http://za.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/lucid-backports/multiverse/source/source.gz unable to connect to za.archive.ubuntu.com
(ii)Some index files failed to download,they have ignored,or old ones used instead

I edited sources.list,but i got the same problem.I want to install ubuntu-desktop
Please help guys

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Sounds like your system does not have an internet connections or is missing dns entries.

Start with an 'ifconfig' and post the results.
Verify that tcpip on the adapter is setup correctly and you have the correct values.
Can you ping your gateway?
Can you ping 'www.google.com' and get a reply. If not, does it at least show an IP address.
Can you ping an internet host 'ping'?

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