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Live USB does not Boot-up

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I've made live USB using these "Universal-USB-Installer-", "unetbootin-windows-581", "YUMI-" & "LinuxLive USB Creator 2.8.18", but unfortunately I could not boot using the pen-drive. My BIOS supports boot from USB drive. So, can anyone please help me on this?

[Additional Info.: I've made Bootable USB using PowerISO and that booted, but it was not possible to access the USB normally afterwards,because PowerISO formatted the USB Drive as RAW(or anything I don't know) and it became 8GB to 700MB, afterwards I had to format it using MiniTool Partition manager.]

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When you used PowerISO was it to install the same files? The problem you had with it is probably normal, the live boots need a certain format to boot. It might be worth another re-format of the usb stick to see if PowerISO will boot the same files. Just a thought or two hope it helps.

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What exactly do you want to boot from it?

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