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Alert Box to Remote Desktop

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VEL Hassan
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I am in need to send a Alert(Pop up) box to remote users in my network. How can i do this? I have tried Zenity,Notofy-send and Xmessage it all works in local computer but not in remote pc. I am using Linux Os only. So please provide any package related to this topic.

Thanking you and thanks in advance.,

System Admin.

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Since you are using Linux take a look at the wall command. wall stands for write all and writes to all users connected to the server.

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I think you want to send a message to every user on every device attached to your network, correct?
If so you would need to have a program accepting input on each device and then have it go suid so that it could use the wall app. This is a significant security risk that would be somewhat ameliorated by wrapping your app in xinetd.

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