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AOL Software Will Not Launch When I Click on It.


My aol will not start. I mean, I click on it, but it won't start. basically like I never clicked on it at all. I don't have this problem with any of my other programs, or on any of my other computers.

The "Tech-support" at AOL couldn't "figure" out how to fix this. In other words, they don't have a script in front of them for this problem. So, they are blaming it on Windows/Dell and Dell/Windows is blaming it on AOL. In the middle i'm getting screwed!! Not fun.

Basically, I reinstalled AOL from scratch, no luck, and I have already "fixed" the problem according to what AOL tech support told me to do, but no luck.

Is there anyone out there that can help me????

I think there might be a conflict or something. I dont know. I just know, that I've already tried everything AOL tech-support told me to (and then some) with no luck.

Once again, I need my AOL.

Thanks, in advance.

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1. Go to CompUSA or Best Buy or any other place that might carry a free AOL 9.0SE installation cd.

2. Completely uninstall it from your computer
- Go to where it installs and delete the folder AFTER uninstalling.
- Go to your Registry (start > run > regedit) and under HK_CURRENT_USER, expand Software, click on the AOL folder and delete, click on Pure Networks folder and delete.

3. Install from the CD you nabbed from CompUSA or Best Buy or where ever.

Repost and let me know if this helped any.


i have a same problem on vista ut i figured it out right click on the aol icon on the bottom of ur right screen u should get a lil box on the click on the system information once that opens up minimize that screen and try to open aol gain it should work it works for me thats the only way it works for me anyways otherwise i wouldnt be able to get on

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