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Searching "3D Design Plus" for "Floorplan Plus/3D Version 2.0a"

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Dear sirs,

I'm an old fashion PC user.

I use the gorgeous software "FloorPlan Plus 3D" were the progammer was Michael A. Denio (same that did Captain Comic).

I'm trying to make contact with him but I don't have his e-mail.

I'm trying to BUY the software "3D Design Plus" that works toghether with "FloorPlan Plus 3D".

Can you (or someone) help me to find him (or buy the software "3D Design Plus") ?

Best regards,

André Garcia
(from Brazil)

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Try this link,

and this one as well
http://www.linkedin.com/pub/dir/Michael/Denio (register, it should be the second or third person)

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