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My files are missing out of nowhere..help

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My computer out of nowhere gives me a message telling me my hard drive is corrupt
and I need to restart my pc. I ignored it of course, after I ignored it some unknown Windows 7 recovery program started running various scans on my pc which I knew weren't legit. I could tell the program was a scam, so I went into my registry and removed it. I ran a combo fix scan, hijackthis scan, CCleaner, and a malware-bytes scan, it found a virus with the malware-bytes, I removed it. Now the big problem is that I have everything removed, my pc is clean, but all of my files are gone, my desktop icons have disappeared, my pinned tasks are there but the logo's aren't showing up, when I go to my start menu and click all programs nothing is there. My administrator folder is empty. No documents, no videos, no photos, etc. I've tried running my computer in safe mode, I've tried searching my System32 folder for the files. I get nothing. Anybody have any suggestions? Novice opinions are not needed, I am an entry level help desk technician, trust me I've tried all of the basic stuff. Any real help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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Make sure that the icons are not hidden. If nothing works then atlast go for system restore.

Question Answered as of 2 Years Ago by Arbus
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Goto you Users directory on the Root of C: and see if your profile was recreated, leaving your files under the old one.

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