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FTP issues with Windows Explorer

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I am trying to connect to an external server via FTP using windows explorer. On other computers I have no problems but on 2 computers, the windows explorer comes up and asks for the password as usual but will then run through twice and time out. Clicking on the refresh button then brings up the relevant folders and the connection is made. Unfortunately while this is eventually working, it takes a considerable time to come up. I am running windows 7 and IE 9.

I have turned off all firewalls, doesn't help. I have also added the website as a trusted site. No joy.

I thought it may have been something to do with transferring settings from an old computer to the new one. So I restored the entire system and reloaded windows, drivers etc - still no joy.

I need to use Windows Explorer rather than a dedicated FTP client as I have arrange for access from a link on an internet site. This link runs a batch program that opens the FTP site in Windows explorer. As I said - no problems on a very similar computer but having problems on 2 computers running AVG security, WIN7 professional and IE9.

Any suggestions???

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