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win 7 problem with network shared folder from another pc


hello, i am currently facing a problem with my windows 7 pro, when i click on one specific lan computer under the "network" treelist in the left pane, i get a formerly shared folder on that computer which appears, while it is no longer shared and the currently shared ones are not in the list. i think my computer has kept this specific shared folder in some cache. if for example i manually enter one of the currently shared folders in the address bar, e.g. "\\computer1\folder1", then it ask for a password to login, and once i entered it, then i get all the correct folders shown in my explorer, and the folder first shown is no longer present.

anyone knows how i can remove this unwanted shared folder from showing on my computer? i tried opening the same computer from the network treelist on another computer on the same lan, but it did not get the buggy folder which am having...


You can use this for Microsofts instructions on setting the folder cache.

The example is for Windows Server 2008, which I'm sure you can do the same for Windows 7.


thanks for the link

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