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hd failure, unable to recover jpeg's

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My daughter's 16 month old hp win 7 laptop with a Hitachi 500 gb drive wouldn't boot due to drive failure (boot sector). I replaced the drive and reinstalled all delivered software and successfully copied over her documents, excel, and mp3/mp4 music via a usb connected external hd drive bay. However, I seem to be able to copy over the 5000 or so jpeg's, but I can't open more than 3 or 4% of them, indications are that they are corrupted. I've tried file recovery software in standard and deep reading modes, just straight copying via windows explorer, same results. Also unable to open them directly from the original hd. The hd failure relates to the boot sector, how would only the jpeg's get corrupted? Any ideas appreciated!

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As you may be aware, the most important thing at this moment is to not write to that drive any longer. I wouldnt even plug it into another computer. If these files are important, you may consider to work with a vendor that specializes in data recovery.

If that is too expensive of an option and the data is not that critical, you may want to try to use a different data recovery product.

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