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Windows 8 and browser problem

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Hello all
I am running a HP Pavilion g7-1311 nr,8gig mem,1ter hd,win8
This is my problem If I open more then 15 or more web pages in any web broswer IE,Slim,Firefox,Chrome it will ask me to save a file.If I cancel it will close that page and any pages you open from then on it will ask you..
The laptop came with win7 home I want to go back to win7 home but I need win7 64 and of course they don't give you disk anymore.

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I need win7 64 and of course they don't give you disk anymore.

you need to buy win7 64bit dvd ,i was going to suggest using windows anytime upgrade ,but You can't upgrade from a 32-bit version to a 64-bit version with Windows Anytime Upgrade

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You can download a Windows 7 Home from this website. It is entirely legitimate and legal, if you have a genuine COA then it will work fine.

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