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Is Wireless Network Possible in Concrete Building?

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So I've recently become employed at an orginization who does not have their computers networked together. I was shocked, at first, but then they explained that hard wiring a network in this building would be expensive. Naturally I suggested wireless, after all my cell phone (and everyone elses) works anywhere in the building, even in the basement. But this organization was told by an outside IT company that a wireless network would not work in this building because of the enormous amount of concrete. This is one of a handful of buildings built by a well known architect named Louis Kahn. All I would like to know is if a wireless system will work in a building made almost entirely out of concrete, and if not, why? - especially since cell phones do. Information and assistance are appreciated!

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Cell phone signals are a lot different the wireless signals. Wireless routers don't usually have a powerfull range, so the signal won't make it passed a few walls. On the other hand, there are cell phone towers that use a lower frequency that can get pretty far.

One solution is, your company could set up wireless access points in each floor.

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There are also wireless repeaters and range extenders that pick up wireless signals and extend the range...I haven't personally used them yet, but I know they are out there...

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