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computer won't boot. Nothing on screen

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My computer crashed a while back. I have a Compaq EvoN600c notebook. I sent it in to HP and they said that there was a problem with the hard drive and it needed to be replaced. I replaced the hard drive and now nothing happens when I turn on the computer. It powers up but there is nothing on the screen and after being on for a few minutes I get 2 beeps. Nothing more. I haven't even been able to format the new hard drive because nothing happens when I power on. Does this sound more like a motherboard problem?

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I can't be sure because that laptop uses a proprietary BIOS, but the 2 beeps most likely relate to a memory parity check error. Try checking the installed RAM module(s) and ensuring it (they) have clean connectors and are fimly inserted into the memory slot(s).

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