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Fuzzy text initial boot

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Doug San Diego
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This clears up once windows launches (which is the odd part) ...

but on initial boot - before the splash screen and until the windows logo pops up - the screen is so fuzzy/distorted as to be unreadable. I'd reflash IF I COULD SEE THE DAMNED THING WELL ENOUGH TO SEE WHAT I WAS DOING !!!!!

Sound like a BIOS issue, a southbridge issue, or none of the above?

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If its onboard video, first try reset BIOS settings to default and see if the problem repeat or not, next try a memtest to confirm memory and timing are correct. If the video is on a card, change card to see.

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When you said fuzzy screen is it white in colour ( may sound like a dumb question )? Is all your drivers up to date and does this happen in safe mode?

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