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pc boots for a sec and then displays nothing

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my pc boots for a sec and then displays nothing,the mother board still shows that it has power.
i have tried the monitor and its working properly with other pcs.
i need a quick help about this .

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When you say boots for a sec, do you get past POST (BIOS) ?

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its been my experince that this is usually caused by many things,over heating and bad power supply are the top 2 for me, as a computer repair kind of guy

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what do you mean? what do you see last on the screen? Does the fan turns on for a sec and then turns back off?

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Which make and model and how old is it, please? Or, is it home made? Have you made any changes recently?

Silvercats makes a good point, what is the last thing you see on your screen?

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try to change your power supply....see what happens

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