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Windows XP not detecting HDD

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Hi. I had 2 HDD in my pc. Today I installed a new HDD in my pc with other two HDD connected. I booted with my default HDD in order to format the new HDD with Win XP format utility. XP isn't showing the actual size of the new drive i connected. More over it is showing only 1 partition of new HDD however, i created 2 partitions in new HDD while installing a new copy of windows in it. What should i do? Please help someone.

The size of new HDD is 120 GB but windows is showing only 31 GB

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Must be FAT32!?

I'm not sure I follow everything you are saying. Right-click My Computer and select Manage. Click Disk Management to view Volume information.

What is it that you hope to do? Is this a data disk, or System Volume?

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you might also check if the hard drives have 'jumpers' to indicate if they are master or slaves (or auto detect). If you have two masters you have problems as described.

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may be HHD has crashed. try reinstall windows.

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You resurrected a year old thread to add that? Jeesh.

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