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HDD Not seen in Disk Management

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I had purchased a Netgear Stora for back up and after a year the fan went out so now the device won't start. I took out the HDD (Seagate 1TB 3") and purchased a Dynex enclosure so that I am able to access the disk.

Win7 installs the driver and says it's ready for use but is not listed under my computer.

I went to disk management to assign a drive letter and I don't have an option to do it. I see the drive but no letter and no option to assign, change, delete, format drive.

I went to device manager and I can see a USB storage device with 1TB. I uninstalled, installed, updated driver.

I have a lot of data that I need to access.

Please help.



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A lot of these storage devices use an embedded Linux OS to provide access to your data. It may not be directly accessible from Windows. I would suggest that you download/burn a Live Linux CD/DVD, boot that, mount the external drive as well as your Windows drive, and copy the data to the standard Windows partition(s). If you don't have enough space, then you will need to get another drive, format it for Windows (NTFS - NOT FAT), and then copy the data from the Netgear drive to that.

Alternatively, if it IS using a Linux partition, then you can find Linux disc drivers for Windows on the web. Google is your friend! :-)

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