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HP Pavilion Entertainment PC "DEAD/DIED"

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My HP died - went dead - won't turn on - does nothing but take up space. While googling for a answer to my proglem, I found this web community. There in a thread was my answer. Thanks to that person sharing their own story, I am getting my computer fixed for free. HP has identitied a hardware insure with certian HP Pavillion and Compaq Presanios. copy and paste to get to this site.
It also covers problems with motherboard and bios updates.


Question Self-Answered as of 4 Years Ago
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A couple of important things on this extended warranty:
* It applies for 24 months after the expiry of the standard one year warranty.

* It doesn't seem to say it anywhere on the site but when you dig into the details I think you'll find that this only applies if you have an Intel processor. If you have AMD, the Bios hasn't been updated in a long time.

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