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We run a monthly donation drive to meet our expenses.

April 2014 Month-to-Date Goal: $834

Advertising revenue has always paid for our enormous hosting costs. Until now. If you have ever found DaniWeb helpful, useful, fun, a great learning experience, a place to meet, talk to and share ideas with smart, talented people, or has in some way enhanced your life over the past decade, please help us out with a financial contribution.

Current web hosting expenses necessary to accomodate our traffic needs include:
  • 9 Web Servers
  • 2 Database Servers
  • 1 File and Management Server
  • 1 iSCSI SAN
  • 1 Load Balancer
  • 2 Backend Gigabit Switches

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To show our appreciation, every article that you start gets a featured priority listing. That means any question you ask is more likely to be seen right away by the right people. In fact, featured discussions receive 1000% more views on average. You can't beat that.

Recognition …

You get an awesome badge next to all your posts, articles you start and in your member profile so everyone knows how generous you are. Plus you get a warm and fuzzy feeling seeing the counter climb closer towards reaching our monthly goal of paying our web hosting bill thanks to generous sponsors like you.

All benefits last for a month following your donation. (Donating monthly keeps this perpetual.)

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