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Mobile Marketing in Canada

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As the Marketing trends and tactics are changed with the passage of time and the Main Medium of communication with groups and individual has become Mobile Phone and people care about its updates like text messages so the Advertising Agency discovered Mobile Marketing as the most instant and simplest way to advertise the any specific content and the way millions of potential users are waiting this service as almost 95% read text messages within 15 mins so the new applications developed in the mobiles that integrated with the social media enlarged the playing field of advertisers.
I would to see your response about this service about its prospect in Canada and how much corporates are ready to invest in it

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I would want to know how you can get your advertisement into their mobile device. They would need an app on the phone to do so, no?

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I hate that when people spam my telephone especially those robotic recorded messages. Don't encourage this crap.

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we can send them as usual text in the form f advertisement.

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