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Opengl Problem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I have installed windows 7 which has a built-in intel graphics media accelerator. But there is no option available to check and change its properties. So the problem is that i am building a 3D game in OpenGL but when i run it a message appears that this program has stopped working!! I run it in Windows XP then i runs well!!!!!!!!!!
I thick that OpenGL is not present in my PC. So should i install latest graphics driver? Also tell how can i check it OpenGL is installed on my PC????????

Another problem is that whenever i install new display driver then display driver crashes so i have to rollback to the default one. So i may not install latest intel or anyother driver. How can i install OpenGL separately??????????????????

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Wow that's terrible!!!! I wish i could help but i don't know what to tell you!!! I hope you're not mad at me?????? Good luck on your project????!!!!!

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Hmmm...It sounds like you are misinterpreting what OpenGL is. Anyway you have to acquire some version of the OpenGL libraries so that you can make use of the API's functionality. This link should be of use to you http://www.opengl.org/resources/libraries/glut/glut_downloads.php#2

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