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Help c++ codes please

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Ok straight to the point i have to do a code.
The text or the word must have color and it is blinking but the
text color should be automatic changing while it is blinking...
I know how to put color amd make the text blinking but i don't know
how color is automatic changing while it is blinking i have been searching
it could you please give example or teach me... Thanks in advance.!!
Im using turbo c++ 3.0

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system("color 02");//color
Sleep(1000);       //animation

note: hope this helps. it works with codeblocks. since it uses a windows.h library im sure it will work with turbo.

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windows.h will not work with turbo c++ because its too old of a compiler. There are other threads here about the same topic, suggest OP read them.

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