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Win32 and VC++

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Hello DaniWeb :)

For very long I've wanted to develop and venture into the Win32 API and make programs like I find on the internet. Show the world my creativity. I made a simple calculator with a GUI and Menu bar from scratch. I was proud but I was shattered when I found out that, to redistribute it and show my friends, I had to get them to download .NET framework...

I have Visual Studio 2010 and I've been struggling to disable the use of .NET. Even when I start from scratch for some wierd reason the program's I create still require .NET... Any suggestions ?

Thanks Alot Guys :)
------- Side Note -------
Reason for sticking with VS is that I really like flashy IDE's and a generic utility to give me realtime information. Like In Java you have Netbeans that gives you java documentations as you program your applications.

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Right-click on your project in solution explorer and click Properties. Under Configuration Properties --> Common Language Runtime Support, ensure it is set to No Common Language Runtime Support.

When creating a new project, under Visual C++, select Win32 and then select either Win32 Console Application or Win32 Project.

Just to be sure, what are your friends installing to run it? They will require the VisualC++ Redistributable Package, as it contains libraries that they use. They should not however, require the full .NET Framework.

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I commend you for your interest in Win32 becool. Its how I like to code. You really do have to pay close attention to project setup issues using Visual Studio simply because its so complex and sophisticated. I prsonally prefer using simpler lighter weight tools, but that is simply a personal preference.

Like you were told, you need to set up a Win32 project with no framework support. Carefully check out all the options available when setting up a project. Investigate all the screens. Also, when you have it set up, check out all the options in the 'Project Properties' screens. I know there are a lot of them. I don't have VS 2010 but rather VS 2008 Pro, and with that I can tell Visual Studio to statically link with the C Runtime so that I don't need any other support files for my program to run. A basic Win32 Gui (Hello, World! type) should come in around 8 or 10 K or so, and it should run without any redistributable, as it will only be linking with user, gdi, and kernel. And you should be able to distribute that 'as is'. At least I can with exes produced by VS 2008.

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