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Boost_1_52_0 Build (Include & Library Directories)

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I just build Boost_1_52_0 and the resulting Boost Include directory and Lib directory appeared outside the boost directory folder. Is this supposed to happen?

I placed a directory on my C drive called 'Boost' (C:\Boost). I then unzipped the contents into that folder. Another folder containing the boost source code resulted from the unzipping process (c:\Boost\Boost_1_52_0) and built the library so that it would appear in that directory. In command prompt cd C:\Boost\Boost_1_52_0.

When I built the boost library the Include directory and Lib directory appeared in the C:\Boost directory.
Would it be because I've used as similar name 'Boost' in both directory names? I just thought it may have been a result of this.

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The Boost guys made a tutorial teaching how to install it...
check it out!

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