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Entering data into a table from a login form.

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Hello experts,

My doubt is pretty simple, I suppose. But still I need assistance.

I have a registration form as ASP.NET web form. There are 5-6 fields in it (username, password, email id, sex, country etc. ). I want to enter all the data, entered by a new user in the specified field, to enter the table of a database automatically, when I hit a SUBMIT button. Those data should come into sperate columnsof the table, for each field of web-form.(langauage used C#)

String Connection and then Stored Procedure could help.

Thanks in advance.

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Google would help you with that exact keywords:



Good luck, if you have any questions regarding anything you really read by yourself feel free to ask. Noone will give you any code if you're not into it.

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