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Modify trackbar for buffering progress

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Hi all,

I am working on a little application that displays internet video (using the chromeless Youtube player for now, will host more players later).
So obviously I need something like a trackbar (slider) control to let the user jump to a specific position in the video. I do this now with just a trackbar. As soon as the user moves the slider, it will jump to the position. (This is my player, the trackbar below the video is what I'm talking about. Obviously I need to do some rearranging for the buttons, but this is just to clarify my case.)

However, I would like to show the buffering status for a video. I could do this by just showing a progress bar, but I would love to do this like Youtube, or any decent videoplayer. I am thinking about something like this. (Note: I created this in mspaint, I hope you catch my idea. The blue bar would be the buffering status, filling the bar from left to right.)

But, I'm not really sure how to make something like that. Can I inherit the trackbar and modify it? Do I need to create a custom control from scratch? How would you do this? Or am I totally on the wrong path here? What would you do?

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Basically just a progress bar combined with a trackbar would do. The amount of customization is up to you. Overriding the OnPaint event would allow you to draw them any way you choose. I would try to get one working with default win form controls then tweak it from there.

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