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Getting Started With C# - The List


There has been a noticeable increase in people asking where to start C# recently. So I have been across a couple of forums and pulled together a list of some useful links and resources.

Web Tutorials

Home and Learn Tutorial

CodeProject Tutorial P1
CodeProject Tutorial P2
CodeProject Tutorial P3
CodeProject Tutorial P4
CodeProject Tutorial P5

DreamInCode - Debugging

Helpful Tips

DreamInCode - How to efficiently search the Internet
DreamInCode - Debugging Tips

Useful Resources

These may be slightly more advanced than 'beginner'
C# Book Downloads
Blog - Mastering VS2010 debugging
Blog - VS2010 Debugging Improvements

MSDN resources:

C# Language Specification
Visual C# Resources
C# Reference
C# Programming Guide



Feel free to contribute more / criticise current links and I will add/remove them.


gasp you are using Bing ? :)
Now really, i like the dream in code forum, they have very usefull advices and tutorials, and i'm glad you included rob miles book very usefull for beginners


Read this
Where do i start
And this learning resources


Haha the bing link was only because I saw it on one of our own threads and hadnt seen a 'let me bing that for you' before xD

Can a mod add those links to the useful resources heading :)


Despite this thread being dead for 3 months, i am going to add on to it.

Another great resource is [Lynda.com](http://www.lynda.com/C-training-tutorials/1022-0.html).

Also the HeadFirst Series and Murach's C# 2010 book are pretty good resources.

Other ways of learning are using forums, expirementing, taking classes, and my personal favorite... Google!


It's fine to add to it, it's stickied so that it is seen regardless of how inactive it is :)


Recently I was looking for books about C#. Since this thread doesn't have alot of book suggestions I'll add the results of my search to it in the hope that it will be useful to others as well.


Some very good suggestions :) avd could you put them into the original post? Cheers


Nice, thx. Very helpful to me :)


I am studying C#.Net as self-studying, what books i have to study?I would like to know


great informantion. Thanks you


Thanks a lot


Thanks for helping c# newbies


this great especially for new IT students, it will help better their coding skills.


I Recommend you to start with msdn articles , after reading each and every topic just to test your knowledge you can test c# interview questions and answers in skillgun.com


Here is a good set of basic instruction for getting started with c#

Youtube Series -> Click Here

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