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linking database to the listbox

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i want to select values from database.that values should be displayed in listbox.

<Thanks in Advance >

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No clarity in your question. In which way do u want to retrieve data from database. If you know how to retrieve data from database as a table. Then simply write the below code.

listbox.DataSource = data;//Your data table from database
listbox.DataTextField = "FieldName";//The name of the column in the data table to set text(which is visible)
listbox.DataValueField = "FieldID";//The name of the column in the data table to set value.
listbox.DataBind();// To bind data.
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Please show some attempt to solve this yourself. We can answer specific queries, but we aren't really into doing other peoples work/assignments/coursework for them, especially when they put no effort in themselves.

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