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Divide My Software Into Modules

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Hi I have to develop an algorithm visualization tool for my project. I divided my tool into these 4 modules below:

The tool will be divided into 4 modules:
-The GUI
-The Visualisation module
-The Calculate module
-The Compile module

the GUI class is the class that forms the GUI. Various Swing components will be used in this class to build the GUI. The visual representation classes(data structures) of the Visualisation module will be instantiated from the GUI class when the user generates an event(selecting menu items).

The Visualisation module
The visual representations Java classes(classes for Array, Stack, Linked List, Heap,etc) will be placed in this module.

The Calculate module
This module contains the static class that will perform the calculation of the running time complexity. The method of this class will be called when the user selects the Compile menu item. This module is responsible for calculating the running time complexity and painting it on the animation frame.

The Compile Module
The Compile module contains the classes of the data structures to be used in the user-defined algorithm. the method of this class will be called when the user selects the Compile menu item. This module is responsible for compiling the user-defined algorithm.

However I am not sure howto develop each module; I mean for example the GUI will be a single class but the visualization module will contain several classes. Do I need to place the classes from each of the different modules in a different Java project or is it okay if I put all classes in a single project; but then really how to make it a proper "module"?

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The keyword you are looking for is "package" - a grouping of Java classes. Have one project with a number of packages. You'll find the syntax and documentation in the usual places.

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