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Sales Receipt Program from Cash Register Program???

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I want to modify the Cash Resigter Code below to create a file containing a sales receipt. The program should ask the user for the quantity of items being purchased, and then generate a file with contents below:

Unit Price : $10.00
    Quantity: 5
Subtotal: $50.00
Sales Tax: $3.00
Total: $53.00

Here is my code:

public class CashRegister
        private RetailItem retailItem;
        private int quantityItems;
        private final double SALES_TAX = .06;
        private int subTotal;
        private double price;

        public CashRegister ()
            quantityItems = 0;
            subTotal = 0;

       public CashRegister(RetailItem retailObject, int quantity)
          price = retailObject.getPrice();

          quantityItems = quantity;

        public RetailItem getRetailItem()

            return new RetailItem();

        public double getSubTotal()
            return quantityItems * retailItem.getPrice();

        public double getTax()
            return SALES_TAX;

        public double getTotal()
            return subTotal + SALES_TAX;
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What are you having problems with converting the posted code?
Do you have any specific questions?
Two things I see that you need:
Ask user for data. Scanner class can help
write data to file. See the PrintWriter class

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  1. remove the first constructor
  2. complete the second constructor to set all the values (since you can all deduct them from the two you pass on)
  3. add a toString method
  4. in your main method:
    a. instantiate a RetailItem
    b. call the constructor of CashRegister with the RetailItem and the number of items
    c. print the CashRegister
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