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Live Video Encryption


Hi all,
First of all please read the full article and then try to suggest me...
I want to make a java project on streaming video encryption. Where i will use two PCs 1 act like a media server and other act like a client. So a video file (example.avi) in server pc can be view by client pc.
I already worked with sockets and can send files over a LAN. But here my question is ->
I want to send the encrypted video Stream to the client PC and the Client then display the video.
The process is like.
*Client request a video file
*Server open the video file (in text mode or something else) and start encrypting and sending to client.
*Now client start receving and decrypting the data.
*And display the decrypted data as video
in details
*Connected to client
*Open the video file
*While Not EOF
*Read file content block
*Encrypt it
*Send encrypted block to the client
*End While
*Connected to server
*While True(Or something like that)
*Store the received encrypted data
*Decrypt it
*Display it as video
*End While
I do not need any source code for that. I just want to know that from where i can start this project. Any suggesstion will be helpful for me.
*Can connect two pc
*Can read files
*Can encrypt
*Can send data over LAN
*Can decrypt it
But how can i use the decrypted data and display it as video.
Thanks in advance..

Attachments New_Text_Document.txt (1.69KB)

One small clarification . Do you want to play the video simultanerously at client side when the video is being transferred? or else do you want to play the video after complete transfer of video?


Yes I want to play the video simultanerously at client side when the video is being transferred.

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