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Object tracking using android

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I want to create an android app where a live camera stream captures obstacles on the ground and issues warnings to the user. This is intended as an application for the visually impaired.

I'm at a loss to understand what technologies are most suitable for this as I have no previous experience in image processing. I looked through some OpenCV examples, but they didn't provide me with much insight as to where to start the project from.

What I need to know is;

  1. Any tutorials that might help me to get started on the project (should I start with basic image processing?)
  2. Should I learn C++, since I only know java and C#?
  3. What technologies that could be used in the project. (Is it possible to achieve something like this through Augmented Reality etc..)
  4. Any previous projects/ tutorials/ examples that tries to achieve android image processing

If you could provide me with some answers to any of the above points I'd be much grateful.

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You'll have to use an Neural Network to identify the images, I think it's the only decent way of doing it.

This is a nice and simple tutorial wich may help you:

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