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May i learn this language?

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Hello, First of all, VC++ use .NET FW? it means is totaly High language...
i dont get the point to learn VC++ when i can use C#, both language use .NET FW, so the reason of "speed" doesn't metter.

VC++ & C++ are totaly diferent things... well im ok with C#/VB...

If you can, put any comment about that you think...

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if you want to write for Apple devices you will want to learn Objective-C

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C# is more like... making forms
C++ is more like... making programs

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Definetly, Objective c is the main language forn the iOS apple devices, i am also well interested in the learning of Objective C but i still am working on C to better undertstand Object oriented Languages.

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I agree with Chris, you really do need to learn obj-c and cocoa if you want to develop for Mac.

My training was initially in Basic, C, C++, Pascal, VB, and a small amount of Intel Assembler. Obj-c is quite different and initially I was a bit reluctant to adapt and tried the Mono with CocoaSharp, but didn't like the process of wrapping C# to get things working. I'd recommend that approach if you needed a temporary solution to migrate C# code to the Apple platform but its more of a bandage solution.

You will grow to love the Xcode environment, Obj-c, Cocoa, and interface Builder as developing code is very quick once you understand the class libraries you need.

You might end up switching to GNUstep for development on your Windows machines as a result.

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