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How to create an Algorithm?

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Hello, I need help creating an Algorithm for an IT school project, however it is due tomorrow and i'm running a little late, couldn't get help anywhere else.
Can someone please help me out a bit. It's not as difficult. (pascal)

1. Develop an algorithm that will accept a company's name, it's teams name and the score it received for Presentation, Preparation & palatability. Calculate the total points scored by each team. Use arrays (3) to store the Company's Name, Team Name and Total points. The user will type "END" when all the data has been entered. The algorithm will search the Total Points array for the highest score and display the winning company's Name, Team Name and the Total points it received. Determine how many teams received over 250 pts and display the amount and the team name.
2. Design & execute a trace table that will accept the data needed and trace the algorithm.

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Which is the part that is giving you trouble?

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