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Listview size

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How do you change the size of a listview when the number of rows grow when a different where select is commanded on textchange. I have a textchange on coustomer name which fills the listview with just the names that start with the letters as they are typed in, this bring up the listview with those customers. I would like to change the lenght of the listiew when the row count increases.

Can anyone give me a where to start on this.

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>Listview size

I'm not quite following the problem. My understanding from your description is that you want to set height & width of listview control.

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Is this what you mean,

Dim test As System.Drawing.Size

test.Width = 400
test.Height = 200
ListView1.Size = test

This will set the width to 400 and height to 200 on a listview

I hope this helps.


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