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Database access in vb.net

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Hi!I'm currently trying to make a language translation tool using vb.net 2008 and access 2007.
For that I want to do these...
1.There is a textbox,a command button and two labels in my form and I have a database named 'dbwords.mdb' with one table 'word' and two fields named 'word' and 'mean' .I want to search the word field and retrive data to label.
Can someone give me a complete code?(inclueding connecting database[without using wizards])
Thanks in advance!

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Doesn't really work that way, sorry. We'll help you with particular problems if you get stuck but we (I'm speaking generally I know) won't be too interested in doing the entire project for you.

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Hi Anuradra1. Maybe This source be of help to you.


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