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Package Installation in vb.net

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I have created a project for clinic in vb.net...

So I have one exe file for it....

But I want VBnet installer and Crystalreport runtime installer to be packaged along with it...

As to when the user will click the exe file the VB.Net installer shud first install then the crystal report and finally the application shud start --- scenario for the first time installation

Later the application shud start with the exe file only and not with the VB.Net or crystal report installer since it will already be installed in the machine....

Can u please tell me how should I package these installation together....

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there are so many softwares which are used to make installation packages , but vs also has its own setup wizard , here is a link hope this will helps you and gives you an idea.http://www.techrepublic.com/blog/programming-and-development/adding-a-setup-wizard-to-vbnet-applications/516

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