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Hi guys!I'm currently making a database project and I want to update an access
I connected the database using this sql command
'select*from word'
And I tryied to update the database using this code
ds.tables('word').rows(0).item(1)=”cat” Dim cb as new oledb.oledbcommandbuilder(da)
da is a data adapter
ds is a data set
My problem is it giving me an error in runtime.
Here is the error message.
"Dynamic Sql generation for the update command is not supported against a select
command that does not return any key column information"

Any ideas? -Regards

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Your Select query didn't include a Primary Key

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select * from word

Selects all fields in the table including the primary key (assuming one is defined). It's a little hard to tell if the OP included the spaces between the query tokens, though.

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