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Help With Hangman Game

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    i am a web site development student, and did a hangman game in vb text based, with a couple of cool sounds from star trek the next generation.  now i need to extend the game, but i need help. if any one has the time, knows vb dot net, and i am using vb 2010 ultimate, using windows 7 professional 32 bit, sp1. So if any one would like to help me , not to do it for me, but point me in the right direction. if you are interested in helping, e-mail me prvately off list, not to take up too much clutter on the list. can any one help. any one in australia or new zealand.  
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We don't offer help in that way. Private help doesn't benefit anyone else who might be looking for a similar solution. You also haven't given any indication what you need help with. If you are interested in help then please post your questions here.

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