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Visual Basic Bar Code Reader Input

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Guys I want to get my iput from a barcode reader. Apparently I don have a barcode reader but, I just want to make a code ready to operate in a shopmif a barcode reader is going to be foun later but th software or program already made. Please help me programmers. I am using Visual Basic 2010. From Tinotenda Mutana - Masvingo - Zimbabwe

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A hardware barcode reader will give you the contents of the barcode, so there's nothing barcode specific you need to do in your program. Just accept standard input as if it came from a keyboard.

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its simple input device which accept data from bar code and put into focused control

no seperate code is needed for that.

its just a device like key board

hope this helps you

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Most if not all bar code readers will come with a specific SDK, or instructions, to interface to their reader

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