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development with a database

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hello everyone,
i have just finished developing my first program that includes a database. i have used instalsheild to make it a file so i can instal it on other PC's. but when i run the program on another computer i get an error, i cant remember what it said but i know that it was still trying to find the access database on my computer that i made the program with.
what do i have to do in the code to make it so it finds the database that has been installed on the computer not the one on my computer.

please help, this is quite urgent

thanks in advance.

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You make your db part of your project, so it gets to ride along and create your connection string, relative to your app's directory.
I'm guessing that your problem is a hardcoded connectionstring, so start with that and then verify that you've got the db in the PC you've installed your program.

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