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adodc -2147... (80040e21) error

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Run-time error '-2147217887 (80040e21)'

Multiple-step operation errors. Check each status value.

The one highlighted was: Adodc2.Recordset.Update

Private Sub Command1_Click()

Text13.Text = Label19.Caption
Text14.Text = Label15.Caption

Label5.Caption = Text6.Text + "-" + Text7.Text
Label3.Caption = Text1.Text
Label21.Caption = Text10.Text
Text11.Text = Text6.Text

Label17.Caption = Text3.Text + ", " + Text4.Text + " y " + Text5.Text

If Option1.Value = True Then
Text2.Enabled = False
Label7.Caption = Option1.Caption
ElseIf Option2.Value = True Then
Text2.Enabled = False
Label7.Caption = Option2.Caption
ElseIf Option3.Value = True Then
Text2.Enabled = False
Label7.Caption = Option3.Caption
ElseIf Option4.Value = True Then
Text2.Enabled = False
Label7.Caption = Option4.Caption
ElseIf Option5.Value = True Then
Text2.Enabled = False
Label7.Caption = Option5.Caption
ElseIf Option6.Value = True Then
Text2.Enabled = False
Label7.Caption = Option6.Caption
ElseIf Option7.Value = True Then
Text2.Enabled = True
Label7.Caption = Option7.Caption
Label8.Caption = Text2.Text
End If

End Sub

Any opinions are appreciated, I'll just try. thanks. I'm just newbie here

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I am presuming that your text boxes is linked to your data control?

The error is refering to incorrect data to your table in your database, i.e. if one of your fields will only accept a date or a number, but the textbox contains something else than that, the error will be raised. Make sure that the data send to your database is as requested by it in the correct formats...

Post the data that you are trying to add as well as the fields in your table.

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