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multiple login form for admin


i m new to vb with sql.i made login form.but after that on main form some feature will be disbleed for ordinary user and that feature will be only enabled to admanistrater.so on main form a button will be enabled with specific password that is in backend so i dont know yhe code plz i need kind help of someone


Can you show what you have so far?


its very simple.just identify user or administrtor with their username and password
and then call related function for ord.user or administrator

for Example :-
you user is found as ord.user then do following . . .
in called function , you can write code for disabling some specific control that are used when administrator is logged in .

try to do it . . .


I have a simple logon that has extra functions when an admin logs on.

A very simple way is to set a Boolean value to true if a admin logs on then use an if statement to load extra bits if admin = true

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