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VB and client/server programming

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Please, I need guidance. I know VB and some vb.net programming.
1. I have an assignment in which I have to program for product process management, where I will have a client updating daily reports(processes completed) and this data will be compared with targetdata (available on other client/server) and the shortfall (target -daily o/p) will be reported. I hope i am clear.
Ie I am supposed to work in network. Now my question is Should I code in VB or vb.net? which should be most apt?
Either ways I have study how to code for client/server applicaiton.
2. My second query is what are the points I should consider when coding for client/server application? What are the things I need to study and online help.
3.Similarly, if I have to code for document tracking managment, what coding language should I know? If the documents need to be tracked using mobile apps. In short for mobile apps,what coding language should I know?
Can vb be used for mobile apps?
ps Why is this q asked "Are you human?"

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