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I want to create a website to sell software over the internet. I know i can use paypal to receive payments. I've been looking at the paypal documentation and i can't find the answer to my question.
I don't have a company, i'm a freelancer doing my own work for one day, with luck open my own company.
Is there any way, using paypal, or some other system to generate an invoice to a client buying a product in my website? What can / should i do in order to be legal?

My thanks in advanced

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Well PayPal has developer website:


Here you can create both business and merchent account. For your info if you don't know in business account you can receive the money and merchent account can buy anything. So create the both test accounts. Here is simple APIs for integration:


I think PayPal is the simplest payment gateway because you only need to post the info to defined URL to PayPal and everything else is managed by PayPal. Google PayPal asp.net inegration keywords and you will find more samples. Hope this will help.

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